Shooting Star Candle Stick Pattern

Shooting Star Candle Stick Pattern
A Shooting Star indicates that the prior uptrend is about to end and may reverse to a downtrend or move sideways. This pattern is an indication of a financial instrument’s SHORT-TERM outlook.
A Shooting Star forms when the Upper Shadow is longer than the Real Body and the Lower Shadow is small or non-existant. The Shooting […]

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Stop Loss Tips & Tricks

This summary of stop loss techniques are my adaptations of industry standard recommendations.  They work well for me, try them along with your own paper trading strategies then adapt and expand them to fit your own style. –The PitMaster

To understand the where’s and why’s of stop loss placement, we must first understand market movement.  A brief explanation of this […]

Camarilla Trading Strategy

Camarilla Trading Strategy
I am explaining the method being currently adopted by me to do intraday trading. The method which I explain may NOT suite everybody’s style of trading, kindly re-adjust as per your style.
Before we begin, Few words of caution, for the benefit of New Traders :-
(Experienced Traders may go to the sub-title – “Zones of Camarilla” , by […]